Writing retreat, happy face

My ever-so-smart CP set up a writing day at a local coffee house. Hubby doesn’t understand how I need to write away from home. The small distractions – a load of laundry, a knock at the door, they all add up.

Happily adding several thou to my ms in progress.


A fair-weather writer?

I’m one of those people who are burdened with SAD – seasonal affective disorder. In the winter I use a special lamp which provides strong light during gloomy, short days.

If the day is ¬†overcast and cool, I don’t feel creative, don’t feel like writing.

If the day is sunny and warm, I don’t want to write because I want to be outside.


No wifi is wawful

Sparse wifi for January and February. The reasons are not important, but the results are frustrating.

At least I can still work on my ms, Elegy for the Living which is coming along nicely.

And, my niece suggested a site where folks VOLUNTARILY workshop your work in progress. What a gift!

So, with bad wifi comes good things. Trying to stay pos

If Hemingway could do it, why can’t I?

Papa Hemingway was well-known for his excesses Рbooze, women, danger. And yet, he wrote novels that the public deems magnificent.  I find his style is sometimes terse and somewhat self-indulgent. But he is famous and I am not so that speaks for itself.

At any rate, I tried writing under the muse of alcohol and I must say, it was crap.

Worked for him, doesn’t work for me. Too bad. If I’m drinking I can’t write. If I’m writing I can’t drink.

And so this is Christmas

Heading south in our tiny car – yes, on Christmas day. We discovered that there are NO restaurants open today – not even the chain restaurants.

Gas station food had to suffice for lunch and we did find a sushi place open just a block from our hotel. The food was great and inexpensive but did not have a liquor license. Reminded me of A Christmas Story – fa ra ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra.

Hopefully some of this adventure will become fodder for a story.

Ah, tomorrow

Driving tiny car to southern destination – cannot write for at least four days. I shall be sad. I shall be frustrated. I shall get over it.

A better book, a worse title

So, ok, the cozy mystery I wrote wasn’t bringing agents knocking at my door. Even my beta readers couldn’t finish it and they are relatives.
This book has a better premise – sort of The Village meets The Handmaids Tale. But the title could stand some work.
My cozy – The Body In The Trunk left readers wondering WTF from the start.
This new ms – Elegy for the Living, I think might put readers to sleep.