Revenge Query

My critique partner tells me that, for every rejection letter I get from an agent, I should send out five revenge queries. So now I have an additional reason to fear rejection. smilyfaceemoji


Conflicted about the protagonist

Been binge-watching Nurse Jackie on Netflix. Now on season three.

Here is a woman who has all the behaviors you hate-she’s selfish, a liar, stubborn, manipulative, is having an affair with a co-worker, and is a drug-addict, even going so far as to steal painkillers from cancer patients.

Yet you find yourself rooting for her because she has two admirable qualities: she defends the defenseless, including her two children, and is an amazing nurse.

But you also dislike her because she’s not even trying to truly change.

If my characters could only be so complicated.


CP Elissa tipped me about twitter feed, #KindWriters. So glad she did. Mentors were giving away free critiques of either your first five pages or your query.

I was fortunate to win a critique by Ashley Leith and her suggestions for my query of When Mountains Weep was spot on.

Getting down to the actual writing

It takes about an hour each day to de-clutter my computer before I can start work on my ms – clean out emails, read the daily paper, check twitter (#PitchWars), read an article on writing, and then, maybe, actually write.

All day writing retreat

Setting: A coffee-house.
Participants: Me and my cp
Results: proud of what I’ve accomplished, craving an IPA.

Whoo, hoo!

Happy to have gotten four ‘likes’ on my PitMad Tweet. Sent required query, synopsis and first 10 pages to one of the agents, researching the others.

Then, like so many writers, my days will be filled with worry and self-doubt. Ah, the writing life! Whats not to love?

Writing retreat, happy face

My ever-so-smart CP set up a writing day at a local coffee house. Hubby doesn’t understand how I need to write away from home. The small distractions – a load of laundry, a knock at the door, they all add up.

Happily adding several thou to my ms in progress.