If Hemingway could do it, why can’t I?

Papa Hemingway was well-known for his excesses – booze, women, danger. And yet, he wrote novels that the public deems magnificent.  I find his style is sometimes terse and somewhat self-indulgent. But he is famous and I am not so that speaks for itself.

At any rate, I tried writing under the muse of alcohol and I must say, it was crap.

Worked for him, doesn’t work for me. Too bad. If I’m drinking I can’t write. If I’m writing I can’t drink.

And so this is Christmas

Heading south in our tiny car – yes, on Christmas day. We discovered that there are NO restaurants open today – not even the chain restaurants.

Gas station food had to suffice for lunch and we did find a sushi place open just a block from our hotel. The food was great and inexpensive but did not have a liquor license. Reminded me of A Christmas Story – fa ra ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra.

Hopefully some of this adventure will become fodder for a story.

Ah, tomorrow

Driving tiny car to southern destination – cannot write for at least four days. I shall be sad. I shall be frustrated. I shall get over it.

A better book, a worse title

So, ok, the cozy mystery I wrote wasn’t bringing agents knocking at my door. Even my beta readers couldn’t finish it and they are relatives.
This book has a better premise – sort of The Village meets The Handmaids Tale. But the title could stand some work.
My cozy – The Body In The Trunk left readers wondering WTF from the start.
This new ms – Elegy for the Living, I think might put readers to sleep.

Ahh, back

I love my daughter and her partner. This weekend they found the hidden malware that was screwing up my computer – it took several hours.

Every time I’d try to blog, pop ups would, well, block my blog.

I’m baaack!

That said, I’m tickled to report that my writing buddy, Elissa Dickey, has gotten an offer of representation. It’s has renewed my writing energy.

Nano again

Because I am a glutton for punishment – or because I need a deadline I’ve become engaged to Nano again. 50,000 words in one month or 1,600 words a day.

Now, anyone who writes will tell you that some days, 1,600 words is easy. And other days it’s torture to put down a dozen words. It’s just how everything flows – or doesn’t.

So if you don’t get 1,600 on Monday, then you’ve got 32,000 to do on Tuesday.

And at the end of the month you say, “Never again.” But then you do. Because writing isn’t hard enough.

Slam, wars, mads

Been entering PitchSlams, PitchWars and PitchMads for more than a year now. What has become apparent to me  is that agents are looking for new and refreshing. Sometimes you have 140 characters to convince them of this, sometimes only 35. But if your premise is not new and refreshing, no pitch can make it so. I’ve come to believe that my Cozy is not. However, my ms in progress is.

Writing is not hard. Good writing is hard.