I’m not an original

H-m-m-m. Well, I ‘Googled’ my name and, while I was not surprised to find there are others using ‘my’ name, I was surprised at how darn many there are. Only a few years ago, my name/face popped up at the top of the search list. Now I can hardly find it =  Gretchen M. Mayer – writer. Nope, not there.

There are Gretchen Mayers who are therapists, an art director, a basketball player for the Loyola Greyhounds and a competitive rider. Even one who was brutally murdered by her husband.

So now I need to make sure my name appears at least somewhere on the first page of the search. Time to update my LinkedIn.

Another thing that was disconcerting is that the title of this blog – ‘Don’t fight it, write it,” is the title of several blogs. And I thought I was original.

I may have to change my blog title but cannot use any of the standard terms – writer, author, book, etc. They’ve all been used many times over.

“Mashed potatoes in heaven,” is still available.


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