Writing – and more

While the classic image of a writer is someone sitting at a desk, a darkened room, pounding away on typewriter, keyboard, or even in a notebook drinking pots of coffee, jugs of booze or smoking endless cigarettes while brilliant thoughts stream from his/her mind onto the page – there is far more to it.

Oh, sure, the above is certainly involved, but I’ve discovered that if one is not supremely organized, committed, and can multitask, all that writing might just go nowhere.

For instance, right now I’m trying to track down four different interviewees for four different stories, trying to put the polish on a short story for a competition deadline, writing a bunch of Tweets for that competition, trying to keep track of which magazines I can submit to – how and when, trying to improve my mind via reading – mostly Pulitzers, maintain this blog, and continue to read all sorts of books on how to write a manuscript, plus finish an eBook I’ve been working on and submitting a finished manuscript to agents. I literally have to schedule in a block of time to actually write.



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