It can all be pretty overwhelming

Being, at the moment, unemployed, I’ve decided to launch myself wholeheartedly into this writing thing. I call it a ‘thing’ because thus far I cannot call myself a novelist. Well, I can, because I’m working on a novel – as well as about a hundred other things that writers need to do. I know what I am supposed to be doing because I read magazines on writing, listen to webinars on writing, read books on writing. This is what my day looks like:

1 – Build a platform. No, not out of wood and nails. A web page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, GoodReads, Facebook, Bookbaby, a mailing list, and a newsletter.

2 – Research and submit entries to contests – you know, so that when you win it looks good on all of the above.

3 – Research and submit entries to magazines – same reason as number 2.

4 – Number 2 and 3 are also to generate an income stream. Mine is not yet even a trickle.

5 – Find an agent.

6 – Read all the time.

7 -Write all the time. Except that after you work on 1 – 6 there is no time to write.


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